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  John Van Auken

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Tours of Egypt 

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Upcoming Dates

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Sep 13-15, 2019 Soul Renewal
A retreat to recharge your spirit and revitalize your better self
Little Switzerland NC – at Wildacres Retreat Center
Oct 10-14, 2019 Annual Ancient Mysteries Conference
Multiple speakers presenting insights into our original experiences during early incarnations in ancient cultures, plus updates of archaeological findings. I'll be presenting videos from my latest tour of Egypt and Nile cruise, as well as Egyptian visions of our soul life.
A.R.E. Headquarters Virginia Beach VA
Oct 22-Nov 2, 2019 Egypt Tour
A mystical, magical tour of Ancient Egypt. Touring sacred sites with private time in the Great Pyramid, and special activities in various temples and tombs, and on a Nile riverboat
cruise. Includes Cairo, Giza, Saqqara, Luxor, and Aswan.
Nov 22-24, 2019 Earth Keepers Conference
This is the annual conference put on by James Tyberonn with multiple presenters and many vendors of New Age items and services. I'll be presenting ancient Egyptian wisdom and imagery.
Little Rock AR
Dec 29, 2019-Jan 9, 2020 Chinese Tour of Egypt
A tour of Egypt especially designed for our Chinese friends. I meet the Chinese group in Egypt and share some of the mystical concepts and practices of ancient Egyptians.
Arranged from within China