Edgar Cayce on Resisting a Virus
According to Cayce’s health guidance a virus cannot survive in a body that is slightly alkaline. "Not too great quantities of acid-producing foods should be taken. Citrus fruits, to be sure, are NOT acid-producing; they are alkaline producing, unless combined WITH starches at the same meal. Divide the diet into a 20% acid-producing foods and 80% alkaline-producing."
Alkaline blood pH protects healthy cells and balances essential mineral levels improving immune function.

   Alkaline producing foods are:
Fruits: lemons, limes, oranges, pears, peaches, blueberries (often recommended by Cayce), watermelon, pineapple, cherries, bananas, and the like.
Vegetables: celery (highly recommended by Cayce), leafy lettuce, green beans, carrots, olive oil, egg yokes, soybeans and tofu, and some nuts (Cayce often recommended almonds), seeds, and legumes; also cucumbers, garlic, and so on.
   A caveat that Cayce gave are what he called "starchy vegetables." These are: potatoes (not the peelings, which Cayce often recommended), Yams, sweet potatoes, squashes, pumpkin, peas, and corn. NON-starchy vegetables are: cucumbers, colored peppers, leafy greens (romaine lettuce, spinach, arugula, cabbage, collards, and so on), broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, leeks, okra, onion, parsley, tomatoes, asparagus, mushrooms, and green beans. Zucchini is among the non-starchy but is a "vegetable" fruit.
Also, Reishi mushrooms suppress a virus’ ability to infect living cells. Cayce once mentioned how "fungus of the earth" in the form of a mushroom can be a healthy addition to our diet.

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