Do ancient prophecies ever come true?

Despite all our declarations of belief, most of us do NOT truly expect the ancient prophecies by the archangel Gabriel, Bible prophets, Jesus, Nostradamus, or even Edgar Cayce’s modern prophecies to come to life before our eyes. It’s just human nature! This world and this reality is so real, so constantly ongoing – how can it all change? But this world is temporary and ever-changing – despite all indications to the contrary. It is a realm of cycles, cycles that are spiral in nature, thus ever-ascending to higher levels of understanding and expanded consciousness. As we draw closer and closer to our original self, we liberate ourselves from the possessive forces that keep us thinking we are only physical bodies with personalities. We do indeed have these, and we need them to function in this world, and this world is purposeful to our soul growth – but these are not our original self, our eternal self. Therefore, the forces of true life don't allow this world to become a heaven on earth – for Earth is not our original or ultimate home. We are celestial beings of universal dimensions of life. In between incarnations, our souls experience life beyond this world – actually, this also happens during our sleep cycles, for sleep is a shadow of death. Any time the body and personality release their hold on our total being, our deeper self is free to explore, to learn, to journey to its original dimensions. The prophecies speak about the times of change necessary to awaken us and liberate us from such a narrow consciousness. It's not that this world is wrong for us, it's that it is not our destiny and our body and personality is not our original self. Thus, change is necessary. Not only change for individuals but for the whole human family – the Morning Stars that sang together when we first came here from out of higher dimensions. All must awaken and enjoy a grand new age of enlightenment in this world – that's the key prophecy: a Golden Age of Enlightenment, Fellowship, and Creativity.

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