We are living in unusual times!

The whole world is involved as one big human family - that's the fulfillment of a prophecy! Now the forces of Life - Soul Life - have got our attention. Whether we know it or not, the human family and all of the souls that have EVER incarnated into this dimension of life are mentioned as one complete family called the "Morning Stars" in the Bible book of Job 38:7. We are the Morning Stars that originally came out of celestial dimensions of spirit life into material life in this third dimension. Now our original mind and essence are encased in a physical body with an outer personality. We have become so focused on this world and this incarnate life that we have lost touch with our celestial life. As a result, we are caught in the of birth, life, death, and rebirth - the wheel of karma and incarnations. However, the forces of our original life will not allow this to go on, so this life changes, it alters so as to force us to acknowledge that "this can't be all there is to life!" As soon as one of us realizes that, he or she begins to awaken to the truth. These are the times of transition to a New Era, a New Age of enlightenment around the world. It begins with some pain, some challenges to physical life that cause us to seek something better, something truer - our original nature, our eternal nature – which is essence or spirit and higher mind.

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