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A Broader View of Jesus Christ

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Here is a wide-ranging story about the years between Jesus early childhood and his eventual ministry. It takes us through the lost years that are not covered in the Bible, from the time he was 12 until he was 30. Using ancient records from Tibet and India as well as sources from the Akashic Record or Book of Life or Book of Remembrance, Van Auken reveals how the Maji returned to the Holy Land after their first visit at the birth of Jesus to take the 12-year-old boy on a journey through Eastern teachings in various countries and schools beyond the Jerusalem. It includes Edgar Cayce's tales of young Jesus' secret training with the Essenes and Egyptian mystery schools as well as his initiation on Great Pyramid of Egypt with John the Baptist. It's a fascinating story that needs to be heard, for it expands our understanding of universal oneness and the "morning stars" that first came to this world.