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Kabbalah enlightens our minds. The book is written concisely, in an easy-to-read manner with explanations of complex concepts and stories that carry the light and magic of Kabbalism. It also includes insights from Gnosticism, Yoga Sutras, and other sources. Kabbalah is not a single book; rather, it is a collection of classical manuscripts. Included in this study are:

The Book of Creation (Sefer Yetzirah)
The Book of the Splendor (Sefer ha-Zohar)
The Mystery of the Chariot
(Ma’aseh Merkabah)
The Mystery of the Beginning
(Ma’aseh Bereshit)
The Book of the Brightness (Sefer ha-Bahir)
The Book of the Angel (Sefer Raziel)
This is arranged as a concise study guide covering Kabbalah in this sequence:

God and the Creation
The Tree of Life and the 10 Emanations
5 Divisions of Our Being
4 Planes of Existence
7 Heavens
Angels, Archangels, Demons
Incantations and Talismans
Ecstasy of God Consciousness 
Spiritualizing Body, Mind, and Soul
50 color illustrations help you visualize what you are reading and processing.

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