Mystical Insights into Jesus Christ

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Despite the church's dogma, there is so much more to this miracluous incarnation then is often revealed. Van Auken gives us a view of Jesus Christ that few hear. Using Edgar Cayce insights, he explains that Jesus was the "man" while Christ was the "Spirit" the "Messenger" - Jesus in one time, Christ is all times. Cayce stated: "There never was a time when there wasn't a Christ-mass or a Christ presence." Christ is the Logos, the center essence of all life and consciousness. As Jesus said: "I do nothing of myself, but the Father in me shows me. The Father does the miracles through me." Each of us is a son, a daughter of the Creator of all life, and as such each of us may channel the love, guidance, and blessings of our Creator.

    John Van Auken

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