Prophecies Converging in our Time

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So many prophecies, ancient and modern, are converging that it is obvious that something is coming. In this book I share these prophecies and reveal how they are all moving to a climax soon. You'll read about the line of 112 Popes that the Bishop of Ireland saw in a vision, and the current Pope is the last one on the Bishop's list. You'll read about the Great Pyramid timeline prophecy that coming to a close in 2038, the Mayan Prophecy that recently reached it change. Nostradamus' prophecies of the 3 anti-Christs, and Marian prophecies warning of a new age that no one can ender without a good heart and clear conscience. Included are the Edgar Cayce earth changes prophecies, and the Seven Ages of Humanity now in the second to the last age. Of course, Bible prophecies are included: Daniel, Jesus, and the Revelation.

    John Van Auken

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