Success with Dreams

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The nightly processes of our unconscious mind can reveal important insights into our health, our relationships, and our deeper self's disposition. Ah, but they are so difficult to recall and often difficult to understand their imagery and message. In this talk Van Auken gives us helpful tools for remembering our dreams. According to the sleep research centers at university medical schools, EVERYONE dreams! We could not go days without a phase of sleep called "rapid eye movement" (REM) - that's what we see in our dogs as they move and shake and their eyes move underneath their lids. This phase of sleep is the dream phase, and we all go through it. Now enjoy a step-by-step list of things to do that will help you recall your dream(s). Then, Van Auken explains how to interpret what our unconscious mind is processing through the imagery and events we remember from sleep. Edgar Cayce taught that when we co-relate outer life with inner processing (dreams), when grow in wisdom more rapidly and join the two parts of ourselves that usually separate by a veil that too subtle and too opaque for us to normally comprehend. As we use these techniques, the veil thins and our inner and outer self unite!

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